Absturzsicherung Sicherungssysteme


For your own safety.

BG BAU - Funding

The fall protection HOLD system is supported financially by the BG BAU!

Absturzsicherung Eventtechnik

Event technician

Berufsgenossenschaft Lifeline

Woodwork and roofing

Industry and montage

Bgbau - Förderung der Hold Absturzsicherung

The temporary lifeline HOLD system is funded!
The BG BAU (Building Trades Association) supports the fall protection HOLD system with their occupational safety awards. In November 2013, the anchor device was first certified and licensed according to European standards at DGUV (German Social Accident Insurance) test in Haan.
Since then, the company fall protection engineering can look back at many exciting years of development, maturing and the emergence of a unique idea. Engagement, know-how and passion led to the emergence of an excellent fall protection system that steadily gained prestige and name recognition during the last few years.
This confirmation led to the continued development of the lifeline HOLD system in 2017. The anchor device was tested for woodworking and scaffolding, with a focus on the use with PPE in lower altitudes.
2018 marked the breakthrough, when fall arresters with an extremely quick reaction time were tested. This time, a whole test series was performed on the lifeline, before the anchor device could be certified according to European PPE regulations.
In 2019, the fall protection HOLD system received the type examination certificate, as well as a product promotion from the BG BAU (Building Trades Association). As a high-quality fall protection system, the lifeline HOLD system is recommended especially for roof works, in woodworking, in maintenance and in event technology.

Safety for roofers • Woodwork • Industry • Event technology