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Anchor device & compatible PPE 

For your own safety.

HOLD-system - the Lifeline 

Overview anchor device & compatible PPE

Fall Protection Engineering - fall protection. Advice and tailor-made occupational safety concepts and training for your employees.

HOLD-system -
The fall protection

The lifeline was developed for the temporary use in different work situations. For works on roofs, carpentry and woodwork, industrial plant maintenance, servicing and event technology, the fall protection system can be combined optimally with PPE. The lifeline HOLD system is available in different lengths and is being supported by the BG Arbeitsschutzprämie (Trades Association occupational safety award) and Germany.

Hold- fall protection for roofers

Fall arresters

The fall protection HOLD system was tested and licensed with different types of fall arresters. If a compatible fall arrester is purchased with the fall protection HOLD system, both parts of the PPE are transportable.

Hold- Lifeline and occupational safety

Body harnesses

All listed body harnesses are particularly recommended for ergonomic reasons. The selection followed the criteria: comfort, handling and adjustment to body size, as well as the cleaning capability in case of heavy staining. If a fall protection system with body harness is purchased with a fall arrester, all three parts are transportable.

Certificate from DAkkS for HOLD fall protection

Certification report for issuing a DGUV (German Social Accident Insurance) test certificate

• HOLD system is a certified anchor device
• HOLD system is subsidized by the BG Bau (Building Trades Association)
• HOLD system is innovative
• HOLD system is safety for you and your employees 

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Hold- Lifeline and occupational safety
Hold- Lifeline and occupational safety
Fall protection Lifeline Work safety
€ 1,000

Fall protection HOLD system

Anchor device including emergency lowering system and panic bolt in a dirt and water repellent transport backpack. The fall protection system can be combined with different PPE. 

System length
• HOLD system 20m Lifeline
• HOLD system 30m Lifeline
• HOLD system 40m Lifeline
• HOLD system 60m Lifeline
• HOLD system 80m Lifeline

Fall protection Lifeline Work safety
€ 1,500

Compatible fall arresters

Robust, low-maintenance fall arrester with a webbing, light plastic or aluminum housing with rotation vertebra mounting. The lifeline is a particularly safe fall protection system in combination with a fall arrester and an ergonomic body harness.

Fall arresters with aluminum housing
• HWB 1,8m
• HWB 2m
• HWB 2X (2,5m)
• HWB 2,8m
• HWB 3,5m   

Fall arresters with plastic housing
• HWPB 3,5m
• HWPB 5,5m
• HWPB 7m
• HWPB 9m

Fall protection Lifeline Work safety
€ 2,000

Ergonomic body harnesses

All body harnesses offered dispose of a sternal and a dorsal anchorage point, as well as shoulder pads. They are the perfect addition to fall arresters and complete the fall protection system. 

Body harnesses in two sizes:
• Body harness size XS-M FLEX LITE
• Body harness XS-XXL FLEX LITE

Body harness Unisize:
• Body harness unisize UNI 2
• Body harness unisize STRIPE BASIC 

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