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Horizontal anchor device
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You’re looking for a lifeline for maximum safety and efficiency?

Occupational safety - PSAgA

Fall protection roofers and carpenters

The lifeline HOLD system provides maximum safety through the professional use of personal protective equipment against falling (PPE). The anchor system enables a simple use and a fast assembly, saving time and employee capacity. Additionally, the fall protection HOLD increases productivity. The anchor system belongs to the PPE is ready to use in two minutes and thereby saves costs and time.

Fall protection for scaffolders and industry

Fall protection industry und construction

The lifeline guarantees cost-effective servicing, facility maintenance and effective repair work in the industry because of the user-friendly usage. Thanks to the latest technology and innovative solutions, the temporary anchor system can already be used in lower altitudes and offers an efficient anchor system, combined with the PPE. The lifeline HOLD system guarantees utmost employee acceptance.

Fall Protection Event Technology PSAgA

Fall protection event rigging

Event technology and rigging work requires a professional approach and a quick and efficient work under enormous time pressure. The lifeline HOLD system guarantees a fast and easy assembly while ensuring all safety-relevant fall protection specifications are met. A flexible lifeline is essential while working in zones in risk of falling. This flexible anchor system is compatible with standard PPE.

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The fall protection HOLD system was developed by Robert Klein and used in a variety of assignments with different PPE. 20 years of experience with anchor systems, PPE and temporary lifelines build the foundation for this innovative fall protection system.
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Roofer fall protection

HOLD-system - the lifeline

Innovative fall protection -
For more safety and productivity of qualified employees!

Fall protection with rescue function


Quality builds trust – the test body DGUV (German Social Accident Insurance) confirms the fulfillment of all legal provisions of fall protection according to European norms, as well as the safety requirements of the lifeline. This makes the fall protection HOLD system a legal, certified and tested anchor system! 

We’re not leaving you hanging – the fall protection HOLD system is an anchor system with an integrated rescue function, including an Anti-panic device. A simple, quick and safe rescue is possible in an emergency! Additional equipment or further PPE is not required!

Fall protection Lifeline roofing


A top-level fall protection – latest technology, innovative solutions, as well as the composition of high-quality products, established manufacturers make the anchor system HOLD system an excellent lifeline that forms part of the PPE. 

State-of-the-art development of fall protection – in case of falling, the special rope of the lifeline, developed by Fall Protection Engineering ensures the lowest possible force application (max. 6 kN) at the anchor point. This provides the fall protection system additional flexibility for the use on buildings, roof constructions or scaffolds.
Working at a lower altitude? No problem for the anchor device HOLD system. In contrast to other fall protection systems, the HOLD system is made that the lifeline is usable starting from 4 m.

Fall protection with rescue function


Fall protection HOLD system – a chameleon amongst the anchor devices. The adaptable fall protection system can be used with or without anchoring loop. Additionally, the lifeline is compatible with standard PPE, for example fall arresters, lanyards and body harnesses. 

One fall protector, multiple areas of application. Thanks to different rope lengths, the lifeline HOLD system adapts to a variety of work situations. The simple and quick assembly of the fall protection system further extends the range of applications of the anchorage system, which is compatible with standard-compliant PSAgA.

Fall protection Lifeline roofing


Savings - thanks to subsidies. Since 2019, the Building Trades Association (BG BAU) offers aid money for the acquisition of lifeline HOLD systems.
Ready at all times – the lightweight, compact fall protection system guarantees a time saving, simple and flexible installation without tools or additional equipment. The anchor device can be used with fall arresters and other PPE.

Two in one sweep – the anchor system “HOLD system” offers fall protection for two people at the same time! As a result, productivity is increased and costs are reduced. Beyond that, it is proven that the Hold-system increases efficiency and reduces the necessity of different PPE for your employees.

HOLD-system - the fall protection

Maximum safety • flawless quality • absolute innovation

High-altitude workspaces

Reduction of physical and mental stress by a simple application of the anchor device. A high employee acceptance of the fall protection system is guaranteed, the productivity increases!

Time is money

No tools or additional hardware are necessary to use the Lifeline! The quick and easy assembly of the lifeline underlines the exceptional quality of the anchorage system!

Safe teamwork with PPE

With two people using the fall protection system, a more efficient workflow is possible, without renouncing the safety! The lifeline is compatible with a variety of PPE.

In case of emergency – falling

A simple and quick rescue is possible thanks to the innovative rescue function with panic safety device!
The fall protection system requires no additional rescue equipment.

Application video

Fall protection can be so simple

The anchor system used in combination with PPE

PPE Zimmermann – Anchoring device
Step 1.A: Attach the lifeline with carabiner

Select an anchor point e. g. anchorage according to EN 795. Hook the carabiner of the Lifeline to the anchor point.

PSAgA roofer - Anchoring device
Step 1.B: Fastening of the fall protection system with adjustable fasteners.

Variant to 1.A: Wrap the anchoring loop around a viable structure (steel girders, beams, etc.) and mount to the karabiner.

Occupational safety
Step 2.A: Rope cutter – fastening of the lifeline with karabiners to the anchor point.

Choose an anchor point, for example anchoring in accordance with DIN EN 795. Mount the lifeline’s karabiner to the anchor point.

Lifeline Carpenter
Step 2.B: Rope cutter – fastening of the lifeline with adjustable fasteners.

Variant to 2.A: Wrap the adjustable anchoring loop around a viable structure (steel girders, beams, etc.) and mount to the karabiner.

PSAGA event technology
Step 3 – Tensioning of the lifeline.

Slide tensioning element (Prusik) up to about 2m before the rope clamp, mount the loose rope end of the anchor system to the oval karabiner, pull loose rope end toward the rope clamp (pulley principle). The rope clamp blocks autonomously.

Anchoring device
Step 4 – Fall protection HOLD system stretched.

Store the rest of the fall protection rope in the transportation bag. The anchor system is compatible with standard PPE. Fall arresters of 1,8-9m belong to certificated PPE.

BG BAU funding – for the lifeline

The fall protection HOLD system is supported financially by the BG Bau!
BG Bau - funding of the HOLD fall protection!

Innovative fall protection with rescue function for highest safety! Lifeline system for efficient PSAgA application. BG BAU anchorage device conveyed!

The temporary lifeline HOLD system is eligible!
In roof, wood and assembly work, oftentimes there’s the danger of falling that sometimes can’t be avoided with technical or organizational means. The resulting consequence in practice often mean the complete waiver of means against falling, and the risk of an accident is accepted. These falls from a height often have severe consequences and sometimes even end deathly! The anchor system HOLD system prevents falls from a height and is supported by the Building Trades Association!
Funding: 50% of acquisition costs per measure, a maximum of 450€ for a lifeline system, consisting of lifeline, fall arrest and body harness.
(Source: BG BAU)

You can find funding guidelines, proposals and more information here!

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